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    A couple years ago I tweeted a pic of my wine with a bowl of chips and stated it was my perfect wine pairing…The response I received from people, telling me their favorite Wine & Chip combo was CRAZY! Who knew so many people loved to drink wine with their chips…? Turns put about 50% of them…MY PEOPLE !!!

    When Woodbridge  by Robert Mondavi asked to share their wine pairings with Miss Vickie’s chips…It was a no-brain-er.

    So let’s get fancy shall we…

    Cabernet Sauvignon + Original Recipe



    This delicious full bodied wine…coupled with the simple flavor and unique crunch of Original Recipe …Is the perfect pairing for a night of ACTION…movies that is. Weather your Mission is Impossible or you are ready to be Bourne again…This will be the perfect match for an evening of excitement on the couch….













    Sauvignon Blanc + Lime and Black Pepper

    This white has crisp tropical notes…So fly to a beach IMMEDIATELY!! Or..Pair it up with an evening in and a good drama…Then you can be The Judge on whether or not this is the pairing for you…





    Merlot + Balsamic Vinegar Sweet Onion




    This wine is bright and fruity…So they are perfect to be paired with the tangy sweetness of these chips. The fun vibe of this pairing is perfect for a night of laughter. So call all your Bridesmaids over for a girls night in and figure out exactly when Harry did meet Sally.










    Pinot Grigio + Seal Salt and Malt Vinegar

    There is a crisp nectarine and peach flavor to this wine which pairs so well with the acidic tang from the salt and malt vinegar. This yin and yang is the best companion for a night of reality television. So you can bet that Big Brother is watching your Amazing Race to the bottle of the bottle and the bag.





    Whatever your taste have fun with these pairings, mix and match and let me know your favorite pairings. If you are on Twitter or Instagram be sure to snap a shot of your pairings and hash tag them #UnwindTogether ..Would love to see what you are enjoying, also what you are watching these days, I am always looking for new TV show to obsess over.

    Be sure to get Social… Like Woodbridge Wines and Miss Vickie’s on Facebook. Follow on Twitter at @Woodbridge_wine and you can even follow @TheRealMissVickie .

    And to sweeten the deal…On specially marked bottles of Woodbridge wines by Robert Mondavi you can get $2.00 your next purchase of Miss Vickie’s chips.






    *Full disclosure I was given free wine and chips…Fuller disclosure…I would do just about anything for free wine and chips…*

    **Dealer coupon expires December 31 2015**








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    The MARTINI came to pass in the late 1800′s, it was the drink of so called sophisticated people…Then James Bond added the cool factor and the Martini became iconic.

    “Vodka Martini… Shaken, not stirred” is arguably Bond’s most famous line.

    The Martini is iconic in every way, from the glass to the lingo. It is known the world wide.

    Belvedere is celebrating World Martini day by asking you…



    The martini is one of history’s most iconic cocktails, from its humble beginnings as a vermouth heavy drink in the 1860s, through the Bond era, into the ‘tini’ madness of the 80s and 90s, and up to present day, where elegance and simplicity rule the day.

    Drinking a martini is a very individual experience, and although the ingredients are few, the possibilities are endless.

    While asking for a martini might seem like a daunting task, embarrassing if the bartender knows too much, and frustrating if the bartender knows too little, it doesn’t have to be, provided that you know your martini.



    Belvedere is revisiting the classics to celebrate the iconic cocktail on June 19th. Spreading across the Globe, Belvedere will be initiating the «world largest toast» to the martini on its global appreciation day. As part of the festivities, Belvedere will provide worldwide master class sessions so vodka enthusiasts can enjoy their personalized martini, best suited for their mood and palate.

    So do you know your Martini?

    I know mine…and it’s the classic…although I do like it a little dirty…


    Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.02.39 PM



    CHEERS to World Martini Day…Be sure to tell us how you Know Your Martini…Tweet us at @BelvedereVodka and us the hashtag #BelvedereSahken or #BelvedereStirred and #WorldMartiniDay . You can also let us know on Facebook…We would love to see your Martini Pics so hit me up on Instagram !! !!






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    I LUV the Movies…Almost as much as I love a good martini…and with World Martini Day on June 19th, Belvedere Vodka and I have teamed up to have some fun and spread the Martini LUV!
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