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    This past weekend my husband George Clooney and I had the pleasure of taking our 2 youngest children to Medieval Times Toronto Castle along with the 2 families that won my A Fun Knight Out contest…

    We had not been in several years, since our 2 oldest were weevas…

    It was just as I remembered it…a REALLY fun Knight out…

    First we all get crowned and placed in our teams…We were cheering for the Yellow and red Knight…Not the most flattering colours on me, but it could be worse…

    Then of course the kids spot the gift shop and mommy spots the WINE BAR..yes that’s right..You can order a bottle of wine with your dinner at a fair price of around 24$…Oh the eve of great tournament is looking better already!




    Once inside the Castle and all “Princess’d” up…There is great fun to be had. Checking out all the wares, photo ops, the horses and the very cool falcon.




    This very evening I had the unexpected pleasure of teaching my children what “THAT” was that made the horse a Boy Horse…Good Times…and much to their disappointment, mommy was not taking any pictures of “THAT” …Where was that Wine Bar again…?

    So with Biology class over it was time to enter the arena!! Exciting !!

    We are herald over to the grand room and have to cheer the loudest for our knight in order to be let inside…As much as I dislike 100 or so screaming kids..this was good screaming, I was even screaming. The crown upon my head had turned me into a proper maiden ready to cheer on her knight!!


    Once inside the whole story of the evening starts to unfold. I had forgotten that it is not just sword fighting and jousting, there is a whole tale being told. We meet the king and the princess and soon realize there is a villain. There are show horses and tricks all well planned out and breath-taking to watch.



    With team flags in hand……..our cheering section was ready for battle!




    As the story unfolds, dinner starts being served. Now when coming to the Toronto Castle keep in mind this is not a five start restaurant. You HAVE to eat with your hands so the food is chosen for this. There are hundreds of people who need to eat all at the same time. The food service itself is a well orchestrated tournament.




    The main thing to remember is that the food is good and you get plenty of it…And watching your children’s faces light up when you tell them that here it is ok to eat with their hands…Is five stars in my book any day…

    I thought they were going to pee themselves when I told them they could have POP!

    The tournament begins and there are sparks flying from clashing swords, spiked ball things flying off shields. Lances smashing and clashing and the horses race though the arena. It’s all very exciting and to my other wise quiet, take it all in kind of kid…One of the best KNIGHTS of his life! I have never seen my son so vocal and boisterous at any event. He cheered, booed and screamed at the top of his lungs the entire night. My husband and I spent most of the night watching him and enjoying every moment of it!!


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    I don’t keep up with the Kardashian’s, hell I can’t even tell them apart…

    Personally I think they are all lip syncing their way through their lives…that’s a metaphor for saying they are as fake as Tori Spelling tits…

    I heard Kim is lobbying for a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame…or will it be shame…

    By the way if this happens…I am taking my net and going home….

    I also think ‘sexy pictures’ are… and should be PRIVATE… Those magazines come in a brown paper bag for a reason…Unless I am making the conscious decision to pic up your naked bits at my local 7/11 …Sent a damn text message..or Snap Chat…all the cool kids are doing it…

    HOWEVER… that being said..what I am about to say is a total contradiction to the above…

    If this happened to me….and was viewed , shared , pinned and tweeted over a BAZILLION times…




    I might…feel the need to say… F*&% You ….and do this….



    Although it looks really painful…Her ass is REALLY hungry…I actually feel for the bathing suit in this one…nom nom nom…

    Now I am off to get a shot of Tequila….FOR MY EYES……….





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