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    I love all the holidays. I am a sucker for food, family, costumes, decorating: anything that has a party vibe. However, the Christmas holidays are by far my favourite. It may have something to do with growing up with the ‘Griswolds’. My parents would decorate the house from top to bottom, inside and out. There would be an EPIC back yard hockey game.IMG_2584 My mother and my grandmother would bake enough Christmas cookies to feed a small city, or two. In all this ‘It’s a Wonderful Life-isms’, by far my favourite is the tradition of my parents hosting the neighbourhood open house every Christmas Eve…I LOVED IT! My parents had the cheesy fake wood veneer bar in the burgundy carpet-adorned basement. My dad would mix drinks and spin the 8 tracks. That was until I became a bartender and the cheesy bar became all mine. All in all, the holidays growing up for me were all about us kids.

    It is not surprising that all my family’s traditions are the ones I grew up with.

    I love my home and I so look forward to dressing it up for the holidays. I just can’t wait until Halloween and Thanksgiving are over so I can get into the basement and dust off the Christmas decorations. Finding a home for all the sparkle and family treasures, it is like my own special Christmas morning.



    The cookie baking tradition is by far my favourite, although it means a lot of mess. As messy as this tradition is, my controlling, neat-freak OCD side goes nuts. Two of my four children have November birthdays so ‘Christmas Cookie Baking Parties’ have always been a staple in our home. Sprinkles, icing and flour OH MY! All worth it to see the sticky finger licking kids, covered in flour and green sprinkles smiling and laughing while learning in the kitchen. This tradition encompasses so many amazing things I would never trade it for a perfectly clean house. And the best part of all is the amazing smell of cookies baking! I love how just the familiar scent of holiday cookies in the oven can instantly make me feel like I’m right back there in my childhood home, helping my mom and grandma bake dozens upon dozens of cookies.

    PicMonkey Collage


    Following in my father’s footsteps, my husband and I have always opened our home every Christmas Eve to our family and neighbours. On a ‘pop-in-if-you-can’ type of invite, it is always an amazing night. I love to have fun with it and do a ‘naughty and nice list’ table cloth; it’s a simple and very inexpensive way of making your guests feel special and adding whimsy to your party. This night is full of joy, sharing, anticipation and the best part – it ends early. People start coming by around 4:00 and all are gone by around 9 to get ready for the big guys’ appearance. I have met so many amazing people because of this tradition. There is something very special about sharing your home with friends and strangers alike.


    Finally, the season really is all about the kids. We all know the kids love the ‘Big Guy’ so why not make him the star of your party? Every Christmas Eve my computer transforms into the NORAD Santa Tracker and it is a HUGE hit with the kids. They love to check in and see where he is delivering his toys, watch the videos and see how long before he works his way into our time zone. This way all the kids can scurry home, leave out their cookies and carrots, and make sure all the Elves are nestled in their beds. On Christmas morning my favourite tradition is the single mandarin orange in the toe of each stocking. The smell takes me back to my childhood and brings back so many wonderful holiday memories.


    Regardless of how you celebrate the holidays or what holidays you celebrate, the most important thing is to surround yourself with those who matter. That is truly the greatest gift.

    In keeping with the holiday spirit and gift giving, to help you make more wonderful holiday memories.  I am giving away a weekend at Olde Bridge Place, my country Inn in the heart of Mennonite country beside the last covered bridge in West Montrose, Ontario. Known as the Kissing Bridge. 

    Just minutes away from the historic St Jacobs market   , charming village of St Jacobs and the wonderful downtown and gorges of Elora.

    Dee 34

    Your weekend of memory making will include 2 nights in the Kissing Bridge suite. A fabulous 2 room suite with king size bed , full kitchen and living room. A Cozy fireplace and your very own private porch over looking the Grand River and so close to the Kissing Bridge you can almost touch it. Also included is a delicious farm style breakfast for both mornings that you prepare at you leisure in your suite.

    Dee 21

    Dee 25


    Dee 38 copy


    Good Luck …and I can’t wait to be part of your holiday memories.
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    *Giveaway does not include travel. Not valid on long weekend or holidays. This prize is valued at $370 and has no expiry.

    Happy Holidays


    This post is sponsored by Pine-Sol. With a strong heritage and long legacy, Pine-Sol is a long-standing tradition in many Canadian homes. Apart from the classic pine scent, Pine-Sol is also available in a variety of long-lasting scents – mandarin sunrise, lavender, lemon and sparkling wave. The smell of pine and mandarin always remind me of the holidays! So, you can use different scents throughout your home to change the mood too.


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    dreamstime_1305457 copy

    This past summer my neighbor was over served at a local pub, went home, fell down the stairs and died. It was a horrible, senseless and preventable tragedy that tore a family apart.

    So when RIDE Checks asked me to be a part of their campaign this year…Just like not d and driving…it was a NO BRAINER.

    Over serving at restaurants and bars happens all too often. Bar owners, servers and bartenders all want to make the customer happy. Let’s face it, telling someone they have had too much to drink is uncomfortable at best. Also let’s not forget the money making aspect of this.

    In 1972 the Supreme Court of Canada decided there was a “special relationship” between a bar and it’s patrons because: as stated on Canada Safety

    “The bar “invites” the patron to use its premises to buy and drink alcohol. There is a duty or responsibility on the bar to ensure that there is no “foreseeable” harm that occurs to the patron because of what the bar does (serving alcohol to a patron when he is visibly intoxicated and then ejecting him) and what it fails to do (take preventative steps – offer a ride or call a taxi or police).”
    Establishments now have a “Duty of Care” for it’s patrons.

    So what happens when you invite people into your home to consume alcohol? Do you as, the host, have a ‘duty of care’? Does your home or office party fall under the ‘special relationship law’?

    What exactly is a ‘socialhost?”

    A definition could include anyone who: as per Canada Safety
    1. is not selling or supplying alcohol for profit;
    2. is not an employer, or any position in which he or she has a unique relationship with his or her guests; and
    is serving alcohol or condoning the service/consumption of alcohol on premises over which he or she has control.

    Then there is the whole B.Y.O.B issue. Are you liable if people bring their own booze?
    Unfortunately there is no exact answer. This whole area is as grey as it gets. However there have been many people successfully sued and found liable as a ‘social host’.

    The real question is, how can you protect yourself this holiday season and really have your guests “Party Safe”?

    Here are my tips for being a responsible Social Host…

    As the host, don’t over serve yourself. Limit your alcohol consumption throughout the party in order to pay closer attention to your guests.

    Avoid a self serve bar. I am all for hiring a bartender for the evening who has alcohol training.

    Have MANY non-alcoholic selections. Create a signature Mocktail Punch for the evening.

    Say hi and bye! This one is SO important. Greet all your guests to get a feel for if they have already been drinking. Say bye to EVERY single person that leaves your home to gauge how they are acting and see if maybe they need a alternate ride home.

    Have a spare bed or a couch.

    Only TIME will sober someone up. Not coffee or a slice of pizza or cold shower. It’s all about how much alcohol is in the blood stream.

    One last thing to remember…If you have a guest that you feel is intoxicated and they refuse to take a taxi and insist on driving. You MUST call the police. It may seem dramatic but it is your ‘Duty of Care’ to do so. Imagine how dramatic an accident would be.

    For more great Party Safe ideas and to learn more about RIDE Checks check out their website 

    You can also find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter…

    For more information on who, how and when you are liable as a ‘Social Host’ be sure to check out


    HAPPY HOLIDAYS and #PartySafe
    Happy Holiday Scene


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    Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.03.55 AM


    The martini is one of history’s most iconic cocktails, from its humble beginnings as a vermouth heavy drink in the 1860s, through the Bond era, into the ‘tini’ madness of the 80s and 90s, and up to present day, where elegance and simplicity rule the day.

    Drinking a martini is a very individual experience, and although the ingredients are few, the possibilities are endless.

    While asking for a martini might seem like a daunting task, embarrassing if the bartender knows too much, and frustrating if the bartender knows too little, it doesn’t have to be, provided that you know your martini.



    Belvedere is revisiting the classics to celebrate the iconic cocktail on June 19th. Spreading across the Globe, Belvedere will be initiating the «world largest toast» to the martini on its global appreciation day. As part of the festivities, Belvedere will provide worldwide master class sessions so vodka enthusiasts can enjoy their personalized martini, best suited for their mood and palate.


    And to celebrate this FABOOSH day I am running a Deevine Know your Martini Contest…



     How to Enter…

    To enter the Belvedere Know Your Martini Contest on Twitter or Facebook.

    To enter on Twitter answer a martini-related question posted here on my blog during the contest period.You must include #BelvedereShaken or #BelvedereStirred, and my handle @cocktaildeeva in your Tweet and must follow @Belvederevodka on Twitter to be eligible.

    On Facebook, you enter by commenting on the specified contest posts featured on my Facebook page during the contest period.

    There are five entry periods within the contest. On Monday June 9, June 16, June 23, June 30 and July 7 at 5pm ET, I will select 5 eligible winners based on the most creative and passionate response. The total number of winners for the duration of the contest period will be 12. Winners from each week are eligible to enter more than once per announcement period.

     What you WIN…

    This FABOOSH Blevedere branded Martini shaker and stir stick set…and then you have to invite me over for Martini’s !! Ok that part is not a must but always an option…

    photo 3


    Here is a FABOOSH recipe from BelevedereVokda to get you in the Martini making mood…make mine a double…

    Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.02.39 PM


    CONTEST OPENS JUNE 9 2014..Stay tuned for more fabul0us details!!!




    Belvedere Know Your Martini Contest – Rules and Regulations
    NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The Belvedere Know Your Martini Contest begins on Monday, June 9 at 11:00 am ET and closes Monday, July 7 at 11:59 pm ET.
    Entrants may enter the Belvedere Know Your Martini Contest on Twitter or Facebook. To enter on Twitter, entrants must answer a martini-related question posted by @cocktaildeeva on her blog ( during the contest period. Entrants must include #BelvedereShaken or #BelvedereStirred, and @cocktaildeeva in their Tweet and must follow @Belvederevodka on Twitter to be eligible. On Facebook, entrants may enter by commenting on the specified contest posts featured on Cocktail Deeva’s Facebook page ( during the contest period.
    There are five entry periods within the contest. On Monday June 9, June 16, June 23, June 30 and July 7 at 5pm ET, a representative of Cocktail Deeva will select 2 eligible winners based on the most creative and passionate response. The total number of winners for the duration of the contest period will be 10. Winners from each week are eligible to enter more than once per announcement period.
    The winner will receive the following prize pack, courtesy of Moet Hennessy (Belvedere Vodka): one (1) Belvedere-branded martini shaker and one (1) Belvedere-branded stir stick (valued at $12.31 CAD each).
    The potential winner will be contacted via social media by a representative of Moet Hennessy (Belvedere Vodka) to be deemed the official winner. No substitutions or alterations of any kind can be made to this prize except at the sole discretion of Moet Hennessy (Belvedere Vodka).
    The prize is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash and cannot be substituted in any way. If the winner cannot be contacted within two (2) business days, the prize may be forfeited and another entrant may be selected from the remaining eligible entries.
    Contest open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec, who are 19 years of age or older. This contest is not open to partners and employees of Moet Hennessy (Belvedere Vodka).
    By entering this contest, entrants agree to release and hold harmless Cocktail Deeva, Moet Hennessy (Belvedere Vodka) or any of its affiliated and related companies, promotional agencies and all of their respective directors, officers, shareholders, employees, agents, successors and assigns, from any and all liability for injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with this contest or the prize won. By entering this contest, Cocktail Deeva, Moet Hennessy (Belvedere Vodka) and its authorized agents will collect, use, and disclose the personal information entrants provide when entering the contest for the purposes of managing the user profile, administering the contest and prize fulfillment. By accepting the prize, winners agree that Cocktail Deeva and Moet Hennessy (Belvedere Vodka) may utilize personal information the winners have provided to send additional communications about its products, upcoming contests, events and promotions. Cocktail Deeva and Moet Hennessy (Belvedere Vodka) reserve the right to terminate or suspend the contest or modify it in any way and does not assume responsibility should the contest be cancelled, suspended or delayed for any reason beyond its control.